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Considerations that can Affect Your Roof’s Lifespan.

 Chris Mcleod Bespoke Roofing specialise in providing roofing services throughout the North West

including flat roofing, slate and tile roofing, specialist leadwork and conservation roof work. We are highly experienced in the work that we do and consistently aim to complete each job to the very best of our ability.

Your roof is, without doubt, the most important feature of your building, and a well-constructed roof is vital when it comes to guaranteeing that you, your family, and your belongings all stay protected dry, warm. Furthermore, a leaking roof can cause irreversible damage to your building such as:

Creates a breeding ground for mould and bacteria

Causes damage to ceilings and coverings

Causes damp insulation materials

Causes damage to partition walls

Acceleration of the age of the roof

Insect infestation

A roof lifespan can vary depending on various factors.

Understanding this can help ensure the best product is chosen for each project. Some of the issues to consider include:

  • Sun- prolonged periods of strong sun can cause cracking and breakage of certain types of roof tiles.
  • Wind-strong wind can wreak havoc with your roof, damaging roof tiles, and potentially causing the need for repairs
  • Rain-If your roof is not watertight, rainwater could make its way through the weakest areas and could contribute to moisture-related problems like damp and rot.
  • High levels of pollution in the atmospheric conditions
  • High impact cleaning (such as pressure washing)
  • Incorrect Installation e.g. walking directly on the roof, without the use of platforms or crawl boards.
  • Trees overhanging your roof, you should check for any signs of damage, particularly in high winds
  • Roofing Material-different roof materials suit different conditions, and each material has its own unique list of advantages


Chris Mcleod Bespoke Roofing Services

We are highly experienced when it comes to installing new roofs and maintaining or repairing existing ones, guaranteeing a top-quality service every time.

For more information about our services, ranging from installing pitched roofs, slate and tiled roofs and roofs in conservation areas,  to repairing any type of roofing damage.

Please call our friendly team today on07917 673 381

Or you can email us at


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