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Signs That Your Roof Needs Attention!!

Signs that your roof needs attention-

Your roof is the most crucial element of your domestic or commercial property. As well as providing protection from the elements, it provides support for the structure of your home and shields you, your family/staff/customers and everything you own from being exposed to the elements. Without a roof, you would be cold, wet and uncomfortable. Maintaining your roof is a necessity. North West properties are subjected to harsh winters with worsening weather extremes due to global warming, so it is more vital than ever to keep them in tip top condition.

There a few signs that you can look out for which will help to keep the cost of any future repairs down. However, it is important to make sure that if you are checking either the inside or outside of your roof, you do so from the ground or floor level (only using a ladder if you are fully capable to do so)


There are several sections that make up the exterior of your roof, from the rafters and flashing to the guttering and tiles. Identifying these components can help you explain your findings to your roofing contractor. Keep an eye out for the following signs which could be an indicator that you might need repair work carried out.

Tiles –Missing or damaged tiles can lead to leaks in your property and should be replaced as soon as possible.

Guttering – Regularly check your gutters for any broken roof tiles which may have washed down the roof and become lodged in the guttering.

Flashing – In particular, around chimneys, vents and joints –if it has been damaged this will allow leaks and moisture into your property.

Sagging – Your roof should be sturdy with no signs of sagging
If you can see or easily access the interior of your roof, look out for the following potential warning signs.

Daylight – If you notice daylight entering through large gaps or holes, you will need to call a roofer.
Moisture or Mould –If you don’t see water but your roof area smells musty and you can see mould, you may also be affected by a leak or moisture coming in from the outside.

Most roofs typically have a lifespan of between 15-20 years so if your roof is getting on in years, it’s probably wise to have a regular “health check-up” by a trusted roofing contractor. A well-maintained roof means a well-protected property!

If you are looking for roof repair in Lancashire, Cumbria The Fylde Coast or anywhere else in the North West and require the services of an experienced contractor, please get in touch with Chris Mcleod Bespoke Roofing services on07917 673 381 or email

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