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The Benefits of LIQUIFLEX PRO


Chris Mcleod Bespoke Roofing Services specialise in installing LIQUIFLEX PRO flat roofs. It is BBA approved. The BBA sets the standard for excellence in construction products and systems. This product is a extremely efficient, liquid waterproofing system that is applied with a brush or roller. LIQUIFLEX PRO can be applied to almost any underlying layer. A seamless membrane is formed and is ideal for long term, durable waterproofing of roofs and their details. These characteristics also make the system a perfect choice for the long-term protection of flat roofs on commercial units, extensions, garages, balconies, terraces and more.

Other Applications


New Build

Built-Up or Overlay

Ballasted Roofs

Green Roofs

Asbestos Encapsulation

Metal Roof Refurbishment

Gutter Linings

The advantages of LIQUIFLEX PRO are:

LIQUIFLEX PRO protects against all weather

LIQUIFLEX PRO can be walked on

LIQUIFLEX PRO lasts over 50 years

LIQUIFLEX PRO can be fitted with minimum disruption

LIQUIFLEX PRO bends without difficulty

LIQUIFLEX PRO is a perfect fit

LIQUIFLEX PRO will not tear or crack with age

Why Do Contractors Prefer LIQUIFLEX PRO?

Installers prefer LIQUIFLEX-PRO because it is extremely convenient.

It is a single liquid product keeping waste at a minimum.

The benefits of wet on wet mean no need to wait for it to dry or come back to site several times.

With no fumes, it is also safer and more pleasant to work with.

With over 20 years of experience in the business, we can tackle any job, large or small. All quotes, advice and checks are completely free. We invite you to take advantage of your FREE QUOTE or just our free expert advice, call us today on07917 673 381

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