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Will Climate Change Affect Your Roof?

Prevention is better than cure

How does climate change affect my roof?

Wetter weather, heatwaves, drought, hurricanes, higher storm surges, flooding to name a few!!!

It is a known fact that climate change leads to more extreme weather. For many years, scientists have been warning us about rising temperatures. We are just now beginning to understand the implications for specific industries and here at Chris Mcleod bespoke Roofing we are adapting our practices. Since roofs are, by nature, exposed to the elements, this is an essential area of your building to prepare for the future.

Prepare your property for the impacts of climate change

It is now more essential than ever to ensure your roof is secure and watertight to cope with the increased weather events.

A full roof survey will identify any issues that need remedy. We offer our customers a full drone roof survey with DVD available for a complete inspection.

Any repairs need addressing sooner rather than later as they will only get worse, even if your roof is performing well we can identifying emerging problem areas.

We are meeting the increased demand for locally sourced materials (where available). This reduces the environmental impact of us transporting the materials to a job site.

We can reuse your existing slate or tile (depending on the condition) and source reclaimed products according to you

We offer a full roofline service to seal your home from damp and water ingress. More essential than ever before as there are drastic changes in UK rainfall characteristics.

Wetter weather will affect both the roof and as the ability to conduct inspections and make repairs. We can install non slip coatings to help combat this.

We offer a range of roofing materials with enhanced insulation properties. This will lead to warmer/cooler homes and lower bills

We offer several environmentally friendly roofing options for flat roofs.

We can design and install roofs that offer the most energy-saving potential as well as the least environmental impact with sustainable roofing materials. What are you doing to prepare your business for the impacts of climate change?

Contact us for a full consultation

we cover all areas of Lancashire, the Fylde Coast, South Lakeland and the surrounding areas. Whether you require a full roof health check, roof repairs, new roof installation, roofline replacement, specialist lead work-or simply need a few tiles replacing, Chris Mcleod Roofing can offer you a solution


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